Kitchen Cabinets Makeover Ideas - Before After

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Kitchen Cabinets Makeover - June sprung from nowhere but I hope our summer months in the UK were as kind as our spring! We are off on another little adventure today to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine before it turns a bit cooler this week!

I have so many Rose cuttings dotted all over the house at the moment they are the gift that keeps on giving. I hope you all have a great start to your week. Thank you guys for all of Maple pups birthday wishes yesterday She is truly the most perfect puppy and we are so lucky to have her! .


Sharing my favorite kitchen rack today with all my favs Also our re-stock of sweatshirts is today! Stay tuned for those. This may look calm & peaceful but believe me it’s not. This is currently our home office, school & cafe. It’s where we spend most of the day. I think my kettle is going to resign very soon for unreasonable work load. I also think we have a serious tea & coffee problem going down in our house? .

Do you drink tea/coffee and how many cups a day?

Kitchen Cabinets Makeover Ideas


A good and comfortable kitchen should be able to accommodate the needs of the homeowners. Therefore, it will be important that we design the space to accommodate wheelchair.

First of all, the flooring design should not have stairs. Even we have to avoid building flooring with one level up. 

Besides, the kitchen countertops should be measured to follow the height of wheelchairs. All of cabinets and even the stoves positions should be reachable from wheelchair users’ positions.


Maybe The before pic is much better than the newer cheap ass design. Funny how each person has their own unique perspective. Seeing the open pipes reminds me of the State psych wards in Massachusetts.

To maximize the space in our small kitchen, we have to use drawers instead of cabinet with doors. Besides saving spaces, drawers are more efficient since we do not have to look into the cabinets since the drawers will come to us.


In cabinet without drawers, the organization will be complicated. Meanwhile, smaller drawers will be able to storage a more detail stuff. We can divide small tools and store them neatly inside the drawers. Ergonomic kitchen should relate human body and the objects in the kitchen.


The spaces that we use to work in the kitchen should be measured well so we can optimize our movement. 

The furniture, kitchen storage systems, all positions and electronic devices should be managed well. Besides, we have to play anything just in the precise position so our kitchen will not be harmful for our overall health conditions.


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