BEST Dining Table Ideas Modern and Minimalist Design

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We built this dining table a couple months after moving in here and we decided to build one because we just couldn’t find a table that was the exact right size we wanted. We’d never built furniture before but decided to give it a go - at worst it would be a fun memory to look back on, at best we’d end up with furniture that was the perfect size for our home. 

Luckily, it worked out really well and this table (and the benches) are now a special part of our home. The tutorial for how we built our table is on our website along with all other sources if you’re interested! (Cat cameo by Chai & Nyx) — Shop your screenshot of this pic for sources & similar items with. 
One of my favorite things about our new patio update is seeing the romantic string lighting and drapery from these windows! It’s like an extension of our living room! At night, you can even see the string lights as you walk into the house through our front door!✨ 

I always thought it would be cool to make those 3 big living room windows into French doors and have them open out to our patio so we could enjoy an indoor/outdoor living space. Though with the bug situation in the summer, leaving doors open like that probably wouldn’t have not worked so well!  

This is what my kitchen looked like this morning! Now it most definitely does NOT! Første dag i ferien hvor det virkelig har regnet. 

Må innrømme det har vært litt deilig å ikke vanne alle plantene i dag Men nå er jeg mettet på regnet å håper på noen fine dager frem til helgen 

Loving the mix of styles in this warm, sun-drenched dining room

Bespoke dining table in French Walnut. There is the impression the legs are through to the table top. This table brings a whole new sense of shape and intrigue to the living space. The legs are black satin Solid Oak.

When we built this dining table set, we chose to do benches instead of normal chairs because they actually make for very versatile seating and they’re also super easy to clean around and, as an added bonus, they were very easy to build. 

When we set out to make these benches and tables, we’d never built furniture before so we also used the benches as bit of a learning experience before tackling the table since they were much simpler to construct and would help us get a feel for the process. 
That was quite helpful because by the time we started building the table, we had gained a lot of confidence. The tutorial for our table design is on our website if you want to see the process!

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