Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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Morning everyone, a night time shot today, showing off my gorgeous pendant lights! I hunted for months to find the right ones, and nearly settled for something else I wasn’t too keen on, and then I found them! I need some top tips.

We get the full sun in our kitchen all afternoon. I do love it, but, it’s showing how filthy the windows are....any one have anyone have any advice on how to get a smear free window?! Nothing is working It’s not the prettiest picture but I can not wait to fling these doors open and step out onto patio rather than that rubble! 

So today I’ve decided schools out and we are going to enjoy this sunshine today. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve found this week tough. Getting into a new routine after Easter hasn’t been easy and my girls are not really enjoying homeschool..... I think the novelty has worn off and they really miss their friends and family, as do I. 

So today is all about having a bit of fun, school can wait until Tomorrow or maybe Monday! 🤪 Have a good day in the sunshine all. Today’s adventure! Things just go smoothly when you’re using the right tools. I sanded down these cabinets using my new @surfprepsanding sander, then sprayed primer with my spray gun. 

The only downside to spraying is having to do hours of masking, but it’s totally worth it for the phenomenal finish. Cabinet painting=hours of prep and 30 minutes of spraying. Tomorrow will be for paint! Who’s excited for a white and navy kitchen combo??

Also, thank you all so much for voting for me in paint monthly furniture makeover contest! I can’t believe I won AGAIN! It means so much to be surrounded by so many helpful, sweet people. As a fully self-employed person, every little bit really does help! So thanks again my lovely peeps Giving you a sneak peak of the pantry cupboard this morning. These spice and oil rack shelves come in so handy. Defo one to add In if you have the space.

The pantry has shelves and drawers at the bottom.... I will show you once it’s a little more organised! Have a good day in the sunshine everyone Would you ever paint your kitchen cabinet’s blue? “Naval” is Sherwin Williams 2020 color of the year. What do you think? Check out my blog for other 2020 colors of the year, link in profile. 

We painted our kitchen cabinets a couple years back and still love the color although I am considering repainting one of our islands… ⁣

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