Best Kids Outdoor Playhouse Ideas

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Here it is, how amazing is the power of paint ? . . I loved using the Painters Touch 2x spray paint from so much the first time, we used it again! I couldn’t be happier with this transformation!

Growing Outdoor Classrooms” build a pallet house! Kelly, one of the participants in my current GOC course, created this for her child care program.

She said it took 15 hours for her and her daughter to paint it but that the children love the new space! What a great example of a low cost way to bring in imaginative and dramatic play to the outdoor classroom!

The paint held up so well, we really didn’t need to redo it but I am so happy we did! Which is your favorite? . . I have all the details on the blog, along with how I made these cute window planters and the links for everything including the amazing sign and doormat from JOANN Amazing transformation!!! 

We wrapped our first custom outdoor playhouse this week and we’re pretty pleased with the final product. A fun little departure from our regular work and our tiny clients were excited to move in

the sweetest little wonky play house!! all I have left to do is install a little porch bell on that front post and add a shelf on either side!

Kid coop / play house. This 5x6 play house features two windows epoxy floor finished inside with shiplap dutch doors and ondura roofing .Painted in colorful colors .

Does it stay though?! Wonder how it lasts through pouring rain and being played on?! Absolutely adorable! Are those deck tiles?

I didn’t know you could put them directly on the grass! Perfect. Love this! About to embark on this same project myself! What do you have your playhouse sitting on?

The kids and I decided to give Usman an experience this (early) Father's day. He loves bread and with a few additions, we were able to setup a cute little bakery for him! . We worked on a sign together and called it 'Mekael & Lyla's bread shed', made a Father's day bunting, bought some bread and had him come order some baked goods from his two favorite little bakers. .

Swipe to see how you can put together a fun experience as a way to celebrate with the children! You don't need a clubhouse, only a little bit of an imagination (and some patience:) . Swipe to see more pictures and how I caught one baker eating croissants on her "break".

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