How to make chicken alfredo

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Quick and easy dinner fix that too under 30 mins,this easy chicken alfredo is going to be your favorite recipe ever!

If you love the thick,creamy,smooth and silky alfredo sauce then you can very well make it at home and best part is it is so much better than jar sauce. You are going to love this chicken alfredo pasta as the final pasta is superbly delicious and so much better than Olive Garden fettuccine alfredo.

The best part of this recipe is this recipe is just one pan recipe - you cook everything in the same skillet/pan/pot you use for this recipe.

The silky smooth alfredo sauce- quick and smooth,no preservatives plus you can customize it to make low fat,dairy free or even make the sauce with basil and parsley to add extra flavor

Easy Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Ingredients 

  • Pasta:   You can use any pasta of your choice in this recipe.I have used fettuccine in this recipe.
  • Chicken:   I have used chicken breast/boneless chicken,cooked and sliced. You can cube the chicken pieces and use them too.
  • Alfredo Sauce:    I have shared my recipe of best,cheap,easy and quick alfredo sauce you can make at home.

What Pasta Can I Use In Making Chicken Alfredo?

You can use the pasta that you love or you get your hands on.There is no strict rule as such in making choice of pasta.
But since I have made chicken fettuccine alfredo pasta as the traditionally, the pasta used in alfredo is fettuccine,so I have used the same. If you have penne,fusilli,elbow,bowtie then you can use them too.

How Do I Season/Spice up Chicken?

I have kept the chicken very subtle in flavors instead of over seasoning the chicken.
To season the chicken I have used salt and black pepper powder, but you can optionally add cayenne pepper.
close up of a pan with chicken fettuccine alfredo

How To Make Easy Chicken Alfredo?

Step1:   Bring a pot to boil,add little salt to it and cook the pasta until al dente.
Drain the pasta in colander and run under cold water and further toss with few drops of oil. (as shown in picture 1)
Step2:    In a skillet / pan,add butter, further add chicken ,sliced to make thinner slices so that they get evenly cooked (marinated with salt and pepper powder).
Keep turning the chicken on sides to get even and complete cooking.(as shown in picture 9)
Step3:   Keep the chicken on the side and slice the chicken.
Step4:   In the pan add butter ,further when it melts, add chopped/minced garlic and saute till soft.(as shown in picture 2 and 3)
Step5:    Reduce the heat to lowest, then add milk and broth slowly and mix well.(as shown in picture 4
steps to make easy chicken alfredo
Step6:    Add cream,pepper powder,parsley,garlic powder ,Italian seasoning,cheese and salt, on lowest heat.(as shown in picture 5, 6)
Do not increase the heat or the sauce will curdle.
Step7:    Start whisking the cream with egg whisk till the sauce is smooth and creamy.(as shown in picture 7 and 8)
Keep stirring the alfredo sauce till the sauce is smooth, thick, creamy on the lowest heat.
steps to make best easy chicken alfredo sauce

Step8:    Add the cooked pasta to the sauce, add chicken sliced and toss everything well, so that the sauce coats the pasta well. (as shown in picture 9,10,11)
how to make best homemade chicken alfredo
easy chicken Alfredo in a pan

What Is Alfredo Sauce?

Alfredo sauce is smooth,creamy,silky white sauce which is served with pasta,along with veggies or any other protein of your choice.

Chicken Alfredo Sauce Ingredients:

The creamy delicious sauce is made with following ingredients:
  • Butter(Unsalted)
  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Parmesan(Grated/Powdered)
  • Garlic(Minced/Powder)
  • Black Pepper Powder
  • Whole Milk
  • Chicken Broth
  • Italian Seasoning/Parsley Flakes
  • Salt

Multiple Variations Of  Fettuccine Alfredo Sauce Recipe:

  • Instead of heavy whipping cream,you can add half and half to make the sauce light.
  • To make the sauce more spicier add cayenne pepper/paprika/red pepper flakes.
  • Add basil,parsley,thyme or red pepper flakes to add extra spices to make the sauce more amazing.

Pro Tips To Make The Chicken Alfredo Pasta:

  • Always cook the sauce on the lowest heat to avoid sauce getting curdled.
  • If you like the pasta having more sauce then you can always increase the sauce quantity than this recipe calls for.
  • You can add light cream/half and half, to make lighter version of this recipe but then richness of final sauce will be reduced.
  • You can use Parmesan grated ,so that sauce will get the consistency to be thick,cheese will melt and mix well.Using freshly grated cheese is best to get the perfect taste.
  • Cook the pasta until al dente so that sauce will be nicely coating the pasta.If the sauce is thick for your liking either add some lukewarm milk/lukewarm water to the sauce to adjust the sauce consistency.
top view of a pan with best chicken alfredo
easy chicken alfredo pasta in a pan

What Can I Serve With Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo?

This dish is a complete meal in itself,but you can serve few sides with this pasta:

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