Easy Better-Than-Takeout Chicken Fried Rice

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Stir fry dinners are some of my absolute favorites when I need dinner on the table STAT: Quick, full of colorful vegetables and my kids love them. A total win!

This is one recipe I make pretty much weekly, with whatever we have on hand. Right now I especially love making it with frozen vegetable blends, I’ve added a few ideas for mixes that work well in the tips below.

πŸ₯£ Cooking Tips

Some handy hints

Dice everything fairly small: That counts for both the chicken and the vegetables. Not only will they cook faster, but I also prefer having everything bite-sized in fried rice.
Make sure to brown the chicken enough: The more nicely you brown it, the better the flavor of the finished dish will be!
Use cold rice: Either use day-old rice, or cook it fresh, rinse under cold water and then freeze while you’re cooking the rest of the dish.

How to make fried rice without leftover rice

A chicken stir fry with rice is quick and easy to whip up, especially if you have cooked rice on hand. But don’t worry, here’s my tips to make this with freshly cooked rice, too:
Cook the rice before you do anything else, then drain it and rinse it under cold water until cooled. Drain again well, then stick the rice in the freezer while you prepare the rest of the dish.
Easy Chicken Fried Rice in a skillet.

🍚 Ingredient Notes

Vegetables and Chicken

If you learn how to make fried rice once, you can really make it any way you like: With different vegetables, a different protein – or even with noodles instead of rice!
Frozen vegetables: You can make this recipe with many frozen vegetable blends instead of chopping your own – stir fry mixes, onions and peppers or even basic mixed vegetables!


I generally find long grain rice works best to make fried rice.I’ll usually only have regular long grain rice on hand, but Basmati or Jasmin rice work even better and I use those when my husband overdid the grocery shopping again πŸ˜‰What you should avoid are starchy short grain rice varieties (like risotto rice or sushi rice) – they are too sticky for fried rice.
>> What can you use instead of rice? You can use cooked Ramen noodles, cooked rice noodles, even cooked spaghetti! in place of the rice. I hear Cauliflower rice works, too, but ahem… Not my cup of tea.


If you’re going for best, you’ll probably want to use toasted sesame oil. Now I’m not one to stock up on kitchen products I only use for a single dish, so peanut oil or any neutral vegetable oil works perfectly fine, too.

πŸ’‘ Serving ideas

A stir fry with chicken and vegetables really is a full meal – if you don’t have the time, it’s perfectly acceptable to serve it by itself, at least it is in my house.
If you do want to round out the meal, try an Asian-inspired chopped salad, spring rolls or fresh fruit (pineapple!) or a fruit salad with a light citrus dressing.
Easy Chicken Fried Rice in a bowl.
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A quick and easy recipe for chicken fried rice – better than takeout!

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