35 Amazing DIY Kitchen scraps (vegetables, fruits, herbs) that you can re-grow

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Grocery shopping is both expensive and tiring. But then, it is always important to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for serving healthy foods. The latest trend is to consume organic foods that are made of organic groceries. 
There are then a lot of ways and methods for people to plant vegetables and herbs in the tiniest yard. Besides, people can now learn how to grow plants in simple medias. We need to try regrow kitchen scraps and love it.

Besides, planting can be a good habit for relieving stress. We can spend much time at home with advantageous hobby will worth the time and energy. Besides, the plants can be a decorative feature for our garden and kitchen. We do not have to use a large outdoor space to regrow kitchen scraps. There are many herbs, vegetables, and fruits which can regrow.

1. Carrot

Image Source diynetwork.com
Carrot is a root plant. Similar to turnips, carrots will easily grow by their leftover scraps. We need to only keep the tops of the plant to put in a container with water. After some days, the top will grow new green tops. When the scraps grow roots, the scrap is ready to grow in the ground.
Instructions via : Gardening Know-How

2. Bok choy

regrow bok choy 0
regrow bok choy 1
Image Source youtube.com
Growing bok choy is relatively easy. We do not have to use a seed to grow this vegetable in our garden. We can use the leftover. Place the bottom of the vegetable over water and let the roots grow.
Instructions via : My Heart Beets

3. Celery

Image Source realselfsufficiency.com
Celery provides excellent benefit for health. We can sprinkle it on our noodle and also use the leaves for a healthy smoothie. Therefore, we need to regrow kitchen scraps with celery bottom. Cut the bottom and lay it in a bowl. Use warm water for growing leaves. It is also recommended to expose the bowl to a direct sunlight for growing the leaves faster.
Instructions via :17 Apart

4. Garlic sprouts

regrow garlic
regrow garlic 1
Image Source beesandroses.com
Garlic is the most useful ingredient for various meals. So, we have to regrow kitchen scraps from garlic. We will usually get several cloves when buy garlic. Leave one off and plant the roots facing down. We can directly in the soil. We can use pots so we do not have to worry if we do not have backyard for gardening. It is important to place the potting soil outside since garlic likes warm weather. Direct sun is important. New shoots and bulb will appear and we can reuse them in no time.
Intructions via : Simple Daily Recipes

5. Romaine Lettuce

regrow-Romaine Lettuce
regrow-Romaine Lettuce
Image Source gardenseason.com
Romaine lettuce is relatively easy to regrow. Never throw away the leftover leaves. Just place it in a bowl with small amount of water in it. The vegetable needs sufficient amount of sunlight. Root will start growing and leaves will be thickening as well. After that, we can transplant the lettuce in the soil.
Instructions via : Lifehacker

6. Scallions, fennel, and leeks

Image Source woohome.com
Regrow kitchen scraps from the bottom parts of scallion, fennel, and leeks easily. Simply let the leftovers and plant them in the soil. Within several days, the bottom parts of the plants will grow leaves and we can always reuse them.
Instructions via : Living Green Magazine

7. Onions

Image Source wisebread.com
Just leave the bottom parts of onion to grow the roots. Leave half an inch of onion and plant it in potting soil. Placing it outside so it receives a lot of sunny area. For green onions, we have to grow the roots over a container of water. Remember to change the water every few days to give a better nutrition. Snip the leaves when you need and let it regrow all over again.
Instructions via : Lifehacker

8. Tomatoes

Image Source davesgarden.com
If you really love tomato juice, you will love to regrow kitchen scraps of tomato. Take some of the seeds and dry them. After that, place the seeds in the potting soil. When the seeds grow and reach several inches, we can transplant them in our garden. We can even use a poly bag for planting tomatoes outdoor. Shower the plant well and keep them under plenty of sunlight.
Instructions via : DIY & Crafts

9. Peppers

Image Source theselfsufficientliving.com
To regrow kitchen scraps is never hard since we only need to dedicate our leisure time to do it. Take some seeds of peppers and grow them in the potting soil. Direct sunlight is needed. When the seeds grow, we can move them in our soil garden. Surprisingly, peppers can grow fast. However, we need to wait for some times for the plant to grow new crops.
Instructions via : Peppers Joe

10. Pineapple

regrow pineapple
regrow pineapple
Image Source bakker.com
Pineapple is tropical fruit. But this fruit is possible to grow in any countries. We need to cut the top off. Insert some toothpicks and suspend it over a container with water. Again, this method works for pineapple. We need to keep the container under a direct sunlight. We have to manage the water and replace it every two days. Roots will appear within a week and it is ready to transplant in the potting soil. It is possible to use it as a kitchen ornament since pineapple is best to grow indoors.
Instructions via : 17 Apart

11. Fennel

regrow fennel
Image Source gardenseason.com
To regrow kitchen scraps is an art. The same things occur when we are growing fennel. We need to keep the roots intact. Add a cup of water and leave it under sunlight. We can place the jar on the windowsill and roots will grow strong in o time. Again, once the shoots come up, we can transplant the plant into our garden soil or potting soil.
Instructions via :

12. Potato

regrow potatoes0
regrow potatoes1
regrow potatoes-02
Image Source amazon.com
Regrow kitchen scraps is easy with potatoes. We can use the potato peelings with eyes. How to do it? Peel the potato into two-inch pieces with two or three eyes. Dry it overnight. After that, plant the scraps in the soil. Dig the soil four inches deep. Plant the scraps carefully and place the eyes facing up. You need to take care of the scraps well since it needs several weeks for the potato to grow.
Instructions via : Cooking Stoned

13. Sweet Potatoes

Image Source coolman.club
The method is quite similar to potatoes. Regrow kitchen scraps is never hard if we know how to do it. For potatoes, we need to cut it in half size. After that, we can suspend it with toothpicks over a water in a container. Within some days, the sprouts will grow and roots will appear as well. When the root reaches an inch, we can move it to soil.
Instructions via : Home Joys

14. Lemongrass

regrow lemongrass
regrow lemongrass
regrow lemongrass
Image Source gardenbetty.com
Lemongrass is called Lemongrass because it is a grass. Therefore, it is easy to regrow kitchen scraps of lemongrass just like growing grass. We can simply place the leftover in a glass of water. Leave the lemongrass scraps under the sunlight. Within a week, new growth will happen. We can use the plant as herb garden in our kitchen. It will look beautiful and useful at the same time.
Instructions via : Suited to the Seasons

15. Ginger

regrow ginger
regrow ginger
Image Source diytag.com
Ginger is beneficial for drink and food. We can regrow kitchen scraps and reuse ginger all over again. Ginger is a root so we can start to regrow it as we plant the root in potting soil. We need to make sure that we put the plant facing up. When new shoots and roots grow, we can pull it up and reuse it.
Instructions via : wakeup-world.com

16. Basil

regrow basil
regrow basil
Image Source thecafesucrefarine.com
This herb is easy to grow. Leave the stem to regrow. We need at least 4 inches high and place it in a glass of water. We need to place the leaves above the waterline. Don’t expose the glass to a direct sunlight but still place It in a bright light area. The roots will grow in a few days. After the roots reach two inches or more, we can transplant it in soil.
Instructions via : The Urban Gardener

17. Cilantro

regrow Cilantro-1
Image Source alfastories.com
Cilantro is no different. It is a good herb to regrow. Regrow kitchen scraps from cilantro with a glass of water. Place the bottom of the stem and place in a bright area. New springs will come as we transplant it after the roots grow.
Instructions via : wonderhowto.com

18. Pumpkin

regrow pumpkin
Image Source hgtv.com
Once you are done with the Jack-O-Lantern, it is time to regrow the seeds. We need to spread the seeds out and cover with healthy soil. We can even plant the entire pumpkin when Halloween is over.
Instructions via : DIY & Crafts

19. Lemon

regrow lemon
Image Source medicinaalnatural.com
Clean and dry the seeds before planting. Lemon trees will grow well in the area with cold winters. We can even grow dwarf trees and harvest lemons in no time. However, the tree will not produce fruits within a year.
Instructions via : Garden season

20. Avocado

Image Source gardenseason.com
We all know that avocado is one of super foods. After peeling and taking the flesh, we can wash the seed. Use toothpicks to suspend the seed over water. We need a bowl or jar so we can hand the seed over the water. The water needs to cover the bottom inch of the seed. Keep it away from direct sunlight but we should keep the jar in a warm place. The water will get lower so we need to check the water volume. We need to add more water if it is reduced. The stem and root will appear within 6 weeks so we need to be patient. After the roots are ready and the stem reaches approximately 6 inches, we need to cut it down to its half size. When planting it in the ground, we need to let the leave above the ground.
Instructions via : The Hungry Mouse

21. Radish

regrow radish
Image Source pennington.com
Radish is one useful vegetable for various dishes. We can also regrow it by leaving the top of it. Use toothpicks once again and let the bottom grow roots before transplanting.

22. Beet Greens

Image Source gardenseason.com
Beet greens are almost similar to radish and carrot. We need to keep the top. Leave the scraps about an inch and let them float on a bowl with water. We can directly plant the scraps after the roots grow.

23. Peanuts

regrow peanuts
Image Source prep-blog.com
It will be beautiful to regrow kitchen scraps with peanut seeds. Grow the seeds directly in the soil and let the peanut seeds grow its leaves and stems. We have to use soil fertilizer and regular spraying for speed up the crops.

24. Apricot

regrow apricot
Image Source somedaywewillsleep.com
Growing apricot is not easy and fun. We can place the seeds directly in the potting soil or use wet cotton to grow apricot sprout. After several days, roots and leaves will grow. We can transplant the seeds to our garden soil and take a good care of it.

25. Mushrooms

regrow mushrooms
Image Source  theselfsufficientliving.com
Mushrooms are a little difficult to regrow. This is so because mushroom should be regrown in a warm area and rooms with a lot of humidity. The soul should be rich in nutrients. We better use a pot instead of the ground because we need to control the humidity and temperature. We need to cut away the head of the mushroom and directly stem in the soil. Leaves will grow as we use healthy soil and manage the room humidity well.
Instructions via : My Heart Beets
To regrow kitchen scraps will worth the time and hype. Our kitchen will be productive and we will obtain financial benefit as well. Moms all love to make a saving and to regrow plants is a brilliant idea. We can even use the plants as a perfect decoration for our kitchens.

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