KFC Chicken Wings

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FC chicken wings have always been my favourite item on their menu, mostly because of the batter. Therefore, making the perfect batter is my main goal here, and you can alter the ingredients to suit your taste. 

You can change the marinade based on your preference; my recipe for the chicken marinade is just for your reference. Don’t forget to tag me if you use this recipe!!⠀ ⠀

Ingredients: ⠀
- Chicken wings⠀
- Paprika ⠀
- Chilli powder ⠀
- Onion powder⠀
- Garlic powder⠀
- Salt & pepper⠀
- Flour⠀
- Corn starch ⠀
Soak the chicken wings in the marinade for at least 3 hours to make sure they absorb the flavour ⠀
The portion of batter for the flour and the corn starch is 5:1, and you’ll need a sieve and a pot of water⠀
Put the chicken wings in to the mixed batter and compact the batter tightly to the chicken wings⠀
Put the chicken wings in to the sieve and soak into the water for 1 sec and take it out, don’t be too rough with it⠀
Put the chicken wings back into the batter for a second coating, and make sure to rub the chicken wings to create some flakes. This will give the chicken a better flaky texture and not be too flat or compact ⠀
Deep fry the chicken wings for 6-8 mins at 160 degrees

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